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Monday, 27 July 2015

Mondays By Mums - The Second Week

Well its the 2nd week of the school holidays. After a whirlwind first week with pretty much the entire contents of my house strewn all over the living room at some point, the boys dad and I decided we needed to get our butts in gear and sort out some visual support for William in the hope of staying sane over Summer.
My first step was to print off symbols of our morning routine, breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, cleaning faces, brushing hair. These are simple things that most people just do without really thinking about, but for someone like William, without visual support and a routine, they can be pretty difficult and stressful. 
I also decided to print pictures of breakfast and main meal foods. William doesn't eat particularly well on most days, and often will graze throughout the day instead of having proper meals. So I hoped these pictures could be used to make it easy for him to make a choice. Maybe this might save me throwing his dinner away every day!
We're in the early stages of the visual-aided routines at home, although William did respond well to these at school. This morning he didn't take too kindly to being guided into doing all these things that he usually does as and when he feels like it (or when we get fed up of chasing him round the house). 
It'll take a while for him to get used to these changes, and over time we can introduce more symbols and more language to support this. 
I feel a little less stressed already, knowing we have something in place to try. Fingers crossed it works - watch this space!

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