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Monday, 20 July 2015

Mondays By Mums - New People Make Me Nervous

We've been away this weekend to a gathering of Simon's family in Wrexham. Many of these people I'd been told about in the past, but had never met.
New people make me nervous as I'm not sure what their reaction will be when they see William mooching around, oblivious (appearing ignorant) to their attempts to engage him. Plus I'm a bit shy myself so even without autism I'm not the life and soul of the party.
My fears were totally unfounded. Everyone I met was wonderful, and it felt like I'd known them forever. Telling them about Williams autism was nothing, it really didn't matter to anyone which was fabulous. No dirty looks, snotty remarks about my kid's behavior. I didn't have to make any excuses about Williams door-swinging habit which made a change! It was a wonderful event and everyone was so welcoming to us and the boys.
Days like this make me realise that for every muppet who has negativity towards a disability, there are hundreds more who are totally accepting of it. And that's not so bad afterall :)

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