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Monday, 6 July 2015

Mondays By Mums - End Of School

The end of a school year is just around the corner, and Williams school report arrives in a brown envelope. I prepare myself for tears, as is usual practice when reading a report on Williams development.
- William always runs in with a smile on his face.
- William has had an improvement in eye contact and interaction.
- William can count to 20, can group shapes and colours.
- William behaves excellently when out on trips and stays close to a teacher, and will follow instructions. (Bloody hell he does not do that for me!)
Awesome! I'm so proud of his achievement this year after just 3 hours a day at school, and am eternally grateful to the staff.
Then the upsetting bit - "William actively seeks the company of a small group of friends". That got me, right in the chest. He was actively seeking friendship (oh I'm blubbing again as I type).
I always found one of the difficult things about autism to be the perceived lack of interaction with others, potentially a lifetime of little friendship or relationships for William. But here he is, beginning to initiate and be comfortable in contact with others. He never fails to amaze me, and for the first time since his diagnosis, I'm really starting to think that everything will be ok.

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