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Friday, 17 July 2015

Friendly Friday - Do Not Panic

Hi guys!
I’m Amanda and I’ll be filling in for friendly Friday!
I’ve been given no guidance on what to write so I’m sure this will be extremely random! So friendly Friday…

As I’m sat here typing I know most mums will be sat reading this whilst panicking about how they will cope over the summer holidays with an autistic child so I thought I’d give some friendly advice. The main thing is DO NOT panic!! Panicking always makes things worse. I found the national autistic society have a huge list of places to visit and things to do. Some of the places listed even have feedback from mums off a child with autism to help give you piece of mind. You could also ring ahead and find out when places are quieter or if they have an event coming up for SEN children. Use the holidays as an excuse not to do the constant ever growing list of house work, do what’s needed and spend the rest of the time enjoying family time. I personally am planning on waiting for the rain grabbing our boots and running round with the children jumping in as many muddy puddles as we can find! So if you see a crazy lady running round with 2 children jumping in puddles like an absolute nutter come join us we don’t bite and who knows you may even enjoy it!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Friday!


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