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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

More Medication

Hello everyone,

On Monday I went to see the doctor about increasing my Concerta dose. I am currently taking the lowest amount possible as I have only recently restarted taking the medication.
I don't really want to be on an amount as high as I used to be on but I really to need get back to the point where I could think before I spoke. For me this was the biggest effect of Concerta. It gave me a brief moment between thinking and speaking. Obviously everyone is told to think before they speak and at the moment I can't do that. As you all can imagine this has been causing me some social issues at home and when I'm out. I don't mean everything I say but it's hard for me to not say something that I think. I just want the ability to control what comes out of my mouth again. I quite like being brutally honest to people around me who know me well, but it's not ideal when meeting new people out in the world. i think it is important to look into anything you give to your child. whether that be food, medication, drinks etc. you have to take the good points and the bad points and make the decision that is correct for them. personally I think  finding the right medication for someone on the spectrum can change their life forever. it can give you opportunities that would otherwise never have presented themselves. A good example of this is this blog, if it wasn't for medication there is no way that I would be able to write this today. The medication isn't always perfect, it needs to be the right kind at the right dose to work properly. I think I tried three or four different one before Concerta was given to me. Just keep an open mind about things, I’m a strong believer that 50% of problems could be solved just by eating right, having family time and exercising. But some things just need to be solved with medication.

Thanks again everyone for reading,


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