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Monday, 8 June 2015

Mondays by Mums - (dis)organisation

OK so a week on and I remain wholly disorganised and fail to sort out the 'now & next' board and choice board for William.
Bad mum...Ben gently nudges me to remind me its Monday tomorrow again so I don't forget to post (much appreciated). Which brings me to my point today. Where the bloody hell does time go?
Life passes by so quickly whoever you are. In my life there is so little spare time to implement all the things we want to that might be of benefit to us as a family.
All too often myself and Dad are busy till all hours, housework when the kids are asleep, packing school bags, feeding pets, walking dogs. If William is feeling generous he might go to sleep before 10. That doesn't give much time to do some bag packs, washing up or whatever boring stuff needs doing before bed. Then we're up at the crack of dawn.
So do we ever get "us" time? Mum and Dad chill time? Not really. Film night? Nope. Romantic meals? Nope. On the occasion that Grandparents offer to mind the boys we get down to the amazing stuff....stripping wallpaper or cleaning the bog. That's my fault tho as I try and focus on the chores rather than use the opportunity to have a break.
This week I've not just been disorganised. I've been purposely disorganised. Pots can wait till tomorrow, let's have takeaway (twice oops), yeah I'll have a beer tonight, sod that decorating I'll start next week.
Adult time is important, and in a family where strain runs high we need time out to be ourselves, not just parents. (This does not include a bath as usually I'm being closely watched and/or drowned with jugs of water, by William, or guarded by the dog).
So this week when the kids are tucked up its b*llocks to the housework, we have Marvel Heroes Lego for xbox and we intend to play it!
Because Mums and Dads are human too. We feel the pressure and without a break we risk falling apart.
So if you visit my house then be prepared for an assault course consisting of photo frames on the floor, hoovers half wound up, the perilous lego pit, the kitchen pot hill and Mount Washmore.
My house may be untidy but the kids are happy (80% of the time) and parents are chilled. 

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