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Monday, 1 June 2015

Mondays by Mums - Acceptance

Today's post is about acceptance. Not about accepting that William has autism, but that some days as a family we are truly accepted just the way we are.
On Saturday we went to a funfair event run by a local charity - Blessings In Disguise. The fair was only open to disabled children and their families for 2 hours of unlimited adrenaline rushes. And screaming. By me. Yes even on the 'baby rollercoaster'.
At this event there were loads of families and the children had a variety of conditions. Everyone has a smile, you can see the joy on parents faces as they watched their children having amazing fun. Without prejudice. Without the stares.
Many children were sprawled on the floor. No one batted an eyelid. We've all been there coaxing our kids off the floor. It was perfectly acceptable here and for a rare morning there was no shame.
Having Charities arranging events for us is so appreciated. We shouldn't have to be separated from the rest of society though. All our kids are equal, no matter who they are or what difficulties they have. But that rarely manifests itself in real life.
So a massive THANKYOU  Blessings in Disguise and Silcocks Funfairs for this opportunity. It truly was a day where we were accepted, and that's the best feeling ever.
Please check out the Facebook pages and give these guys a like for the great work they do for families like ours.


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