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Friday, 12 June 2015

A Picnic With Claire

So yesterday me and Claire went for a nice picnic. The idea was that we was going to walk to Scotsmans flash and have it there. We never made it to the flash.
The heat hot in the way and by the time we made it to the canal which is about a mile away we couldn't walk anymore. Luckily right where we got onto the canal was a luck. So we decided that wed just sit there and eat. We had a great time, played some music and talked to a couple of passers by. I don't think Claire actually realises how much I enjoy spending time with her. When she is around I have butterflies and I can't help but feel positive. When reading these posts it's easy for someone to not see that I'm finding being in a relationship difficult. I'm a naturally stressed person and I snap a lot. Claire is finding it hard to get used to my snapping which I don't mean most of the time. Then there's all the other small difficulties that come with going out with someone who's autistic. One of the most recent issues was making plans, I know that Claire means well and I love the fact that she takes the time to make plans. I just need to be involved in making the plans because of two reasons. The first is if we try to do too much in one day then I will end up having an anxiety attack. The second is just the need for routine and to know about plans ill in advance.
On another note I have been thinking about a lot of things. So far I haven't made any money from my blog and that doesn't really bother me but there are some costs that come with running a blog. I can't decide whether I want to have advertising on my blog or a donation button or both. What do you all think?

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