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Monday, 27 October 2014

Mondays by Mum - Hero

It's ok not to be a hero, there have been no questions asked. So I've decided to share this nugget. I knew Ben was different from six weeks old. He cried when held, tried to push away from me. He stared vacantly and didn't respond to play. The worst thing wash the awful screaming to keep himself awake. Ben had been really poorly from birth with his chest. I became obsessed with bleach. Thinking I'd done something wrong. So when I raised my concerns with my health visitor, who may I add had no children. Ben was my second. She told my I was over anxious and young. I was 21.I knew there was a problem. Every time I mentioned things to a healthcare provider I was foo fooed with the same old response. When one day I found myself locked in the bathroom begging my sister to come take the kids, it was all my fault, Ben just didn't like me. The strain was waring me down. My husband wasn't very supportive. I know now that he shares many traits with Ben. I sat in my mum's and the words she said have gotten me through many trying times. No woman is a super hero, until she has a child, for them she will swim the deepest sea and scale the highest peak. She will fight any battle no matter how long to make sure they have what they need. I knew Ben was different I didn't know why. But I wasn't going to stop until I knew why.


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