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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Feedback Needed

Right you will all be happy to know that the fonts on the blog are now set and there shouldn’t be any more problems with that.

You will have most probably noticed that the colour scheme of the blog has become more uniform, this is to make creating a website that matches easier and also I believe that it looks nicer this way. How are you all finding the blog appearance the way it is now, do you prefer it? Would you rather it be the way it was before? Or can’t you really tell a difference? 
Let me know in the comments section then I can use your feedback to help with the blog and website.
Also, i am looking for content that can populate my website, if you have any ideas let me know, it would be a massive help.

Thanks for reading and remember that patience can go a long way,



  1. the offwhite background helps some to catch the letters in order

    1. Thank you but I have had to remove the off white background as it gave me headaches which weren't too nice. When my website is up and running I will offer the posts there presented on a background that can be changed by the user easily by the press of a button or two.

      Thanks, Ben.