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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Adaptation Series: Part One, Transportation

So for the first instalment in this series I will be talking about how I have overcome my inability to use public transportation. But first let's discuss why I am not able to use it.
I have a major issue with being in large groups of people or groups that are stuck in a confined space such as a bus. First I get agitated, but that soon goes and anxiety starts to set in. This in turn is the cause of my inability to use public transport, which as you can imagine is rather bothersome when I want to get anywhere.
Now there are a few ways that I use in unison with each other. First of all is where possible I ask people to come over to my house, this means that no travailing is needed at all. The problem with this is being stuck inside, after all its good to get out of the house every now and then. Also the issue of making sure you have everything you need, like the right food, drinks and of cause entertainment can become rather stressful.
The second and most costly method of adapting to this issue is getting taxis to take you to the location that you need to be and bring you home. Now this has the advantage of you not needing to know where you are going because the driver takes over this. With that being said you can quickly leave yourself with no money if you dont watch how much you are spending when taking all your trips out.
Now my most used form of transportation is cycling, I started cycling thanks to a learning mentor from the college I went called Guy. He didnt just inspire me to cycle, but also gave me help with maintenance of my bike which was out of his job description but I am so thankful that he did. The downside to cycling is bad weather can cause you to choose not to go out, and making sure you dont push yourself too much as that can cause you to be dripping with sweat which isnt nice if you are planning to be out all day as you will smell.

Thanks for reading and as always, remember a little patience can go a long way,



  1. Sounds good. many of us can't cycle though so I will see what else you have to suggest.

  2. Yeah it is true that many cant cycle and if you are one of those people I would love to hear how you have overcome the issue of transportation in your own way,

    thanks, Ben.