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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Seeing my Girlfriend

So today I'm going to be seeing my girlfriend again. I don't know what we'll be doing but I enjoy her company.
It's a strange feeling too go from having no one except family to having a girl in your life. An unexpected outcome from the relationship so far is the fact that I have more general motivation. Things like tidying up go by much quicker and easier. 
I love being around her and when she's gone I miss her. It's easy to forget how important a relationship can be when you are single. Its a worrying time as well. Just as any other relationship progresses so will mine (I hope). My biggest worry is if Claire can deal with my issues and emotional swings. I can go from a loving caring person to a closed, cold seemingly uncaring person rather quickly. Another issue is although my meltdowns are much less apparent these days it still happens from time to time.
I think it's a big worry for parents that their child on the spectrum will end up living alone. But that's not always the case, I think, well I know that many things seem impossible when you look at an autistic child but believe me when I say anything is possible. Someone on the spectrum will never be "normal". But what good is normal anyway. I know that I have depression but that doesn't mean I, or anyone else on the spectrum for that matter, can't be happy. I'll let you all know if anything you exciting or interesting happen today.

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