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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Returning to Medication

Okay, so let's get blogging.
As I said on Facebook and my last post I want to talk about my medication. I never realised just how helpful the medication was until I've got back onto it.
I mean I know that it helps but I never actually felt the help. Now when I came off the medication I didn't really feel any different because it took a while to get out of my system. So the reduction wasn't much of a shock so to speak. Now, going back on the medication I can see the difference. I can actually tidy my room, which would take me said without the meds not take me hours, and that's only a 18mg dose. It makes me think about the movie limitless, the difference is... Well its amazing. I can do so many things already that were just too mind numbing before I was talking concerta. Well during my break from concerta anyway. You see this isn't the first time I have taken this medication, I had to have a break after taking it for 5 years. There were fears that it was causing heart problems. What was actually discovered was that my near-obsessive drinking of energy drinks was the cause. I still enjoy an energy drink from time to time, but drink two or three per day for over a year takes it toll on your body and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone.

Oh and by the way, this is post number 50, to celebrate it, comment on it, share it, get it out there and help me get done motivation.

Thanks for reading and something I haven't said in a while, a little patience can go a long way,


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