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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Being Social

Hello everyone,

So yesterday I went out and it was pretty good. I don't often spend time with people who are my own age.
This is because I find it much easier to be around people who are older. It's less drama that way. But every now and then I meet someone my age who I get along with. Someone who I can chat with and feel like they actually understand me.
There are many reasons why it's hard for anyone on the spectrum to make friends. I'm no different, it takes someone special for me to actually make them my friend. I hear a large number of stories about artistic people not having many friends. But it's not often I hear about autistic people having good, strong friend groups. This could either be because no one on the spectrum have friends or you just don't hear about them.
I'd love to hear more success stories written it comes to people on the spectrum and making friends. Sometimes, I just think, what's the point in trying. What's the point in attempting to make friends. But then, I'll never know if I never try.

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