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Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Meltdown

Hello everyone,

yesterday I had to have an emergency dentist appointment.
I'm waiting for a referral to get a root canal performed under light sedation due to the fact that I'm scared of the dentist. That means that until the referral comes through I have to live with having an infected tooth. Every now and then it flares up and hurts, and when I say it hurts, I don't mean just a little. I have to have antibiotics then it settles down again. I was lucky to have Claire as she came to the dentist with me. Its crazy how much me and Claire get along. We don't argue but have little fallouts all the time. Even after that we get along and make up quickly. I just hope we never become one of those couples that argue constantly. I would hate for that to happen.
Now today has been a rather strange day because I had a meltdown for the first time in ages. but unlike when I was younger I didn't strop or get angry instead I just physically couldn't speak, nor could I look at someone. I felt like it was five years ago when I didn't the control I have now over my autism. It was a rather disconcerting feeling to be honest. I honestly never knew that a meltdown could present itself in that way. But looking back on, it has given me hope because my biggest fear has always been having a meltdown in the workplace and losing my job over it. now, at least I know that the temper type of meltdown could be behind me for good.

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