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Friday, 13 October 2017

Life Update

After some thought I have decided a little bit of a life update is needed, I mean  a shed load of changes has happened since I was last active on here. I guess that’s normal with all  things considered.

My relationship with Claire broke down not long after I started college, the stress of college life plus raising tensions between us both meant we ended up arguing pretty much every day by the end of it. All in all it was simply not a pleasant relationship at the end, but I have to say, I learnt many things during that time.
It took some time but on July 29th, 2016 I got into a new relationship with heather, a lovely young girl I am still with. My longest relationship to date, I'm just glad she can put up with me.
As my long time readers will know, I started at college back at the end of my last posts. Anyway, I passed first year, got a merit but ended up leaving after that. My mental health was shot and I recently found a new love, my job.
I fell in love with youth work, more specifically working with teenagers and young adults with a variety of additional needs. I also from time to time got to flex my technical skills supporting the organisation in areas such as I.T. and lights and audio.

Unfortunately I was made redundant at the end of august 2017, I have been unemployed since. I'm really hoping I can find more work in a similar field, with my own additional needs I had an insight and understanding that many other simply don't have.

I am still brewing though, managed to get heather involved, she seems to love it and it's good that we can spend that time together. I still try to cycle from time to time, but I am really struggling with motivation since I lost my job. I know it will come back eventually, but for the time being I just can't seem to get my head in the game.

I think next week's post will talk about either emotions or arguments/shouting, both interesting topics.

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