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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Mondays by Mums(On Wednesday) - Sleep

So over rated in our house. But I love sleep. I need it and lots of it. William on the other hand does not. He's like the energiser bunny, on and on till exhaustion finally takes him.

He'll sleep better once he starts school they said. Still waiting. But tonight he fell asleep under the table at teatime, sprawled across my legs. Which was a bummer. Daytime naps of any length guarantee a grumpy evening and a super crap nights sleep. Its now 9pm and he's still bouncing off the walls and I'm desperate to try and finish off washing up, uniforms etc for the next day which will probably have to wait till morning now.
We've just had a small breakdown over a piece of blutack which he dropped down the side of the bed. He will probably be up and down till he finally gives in, sometimes this can be midnight, leaving very little time to spend with dad, watching grown up stuff on the telly or just relaxing.
As much as I really need my bed right now, looks like tonight ain't my lucky night

Message from Spec, 

I'll get a post up soon, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you lot.

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