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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Mondays By Mums(On Wednesday) - After A Hectic Summer

Well after a hectic summer the time has come for returning to school. This year William is attending his SEN school full time rather than doing half days. The school building has changed, the name of the school, the uniform and transport arrangements have changed.Recipe for disaster for a child with autism, right? Well actually no. This child with autism was not in the slightest bit confused and had settled into his new school routine very well indeed. In contrast, trying to get William to drink water from an unfamiliar bottle is a challenge.For others, the start of something new like a school or college, is not so simple. Its terrifying, confusing and a very anxious time for a whole bunch of reasons, and may take a long time to get into a comfortable routine.But one thing is certain. Behind every child, teenager, adult with autism or any other condition, there are friends and family who are proud of them and the things they achieve in life despite the difficulties they encounter.I'm proud of my William and the amazing little dude he's growing up to be. And I'm proud of you, Ben. I've never met you (that time will come) but you're an inspiration to many and I'm so pleased you have made that first difficult step into college life. Keep going, we're all rooting for you.

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