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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wild Wednesdays - My Hobbies And Lack Of Motivation

So everyone, I'm thinking of getting some promotional t-shirts printed for my blog. Nothing overly complex or crazy but some nice designs. What do you all think?

I've been thinking that I want to talk a little more about myself as a person, hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. Over the last six months or so I've been a pretty active homebrewer. I have made beers, ciders and wines. I'm more of winemaker myself because that's what I drink. I am planning to make mead, an alcoholic beverage made from mostly honey. Melomel is also on the cards, which is a honey and fruit wine. That is if I can find the money to buy large amounts of honey.
Recently I haven't really had the concentration to do much of anything. I've finally got round to filling in my PIP form which is good. On top of that I've cooked a meal or two but that's all. Just can't seem to bring myself to get round to do anything. I just wish there was stone way I could magically do away with the pain I feel in my heart. I don't like to talk about emotions much, even less so what they're negative emotions. I understand that it takes time to move on once someone has passed but I didn't think it would affect me this much. I didn't think it would just crush every little scrap of motivation that I had.

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