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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mondays By Mums - Visual Prompts

We have implemented some good routines with visual prompts at home for William over the holidays. Its definitely helped in the morning routine,  so breakfast, teeth and washing seem to be done without too much fuss.

But as one problem is dealt with, another one crops up. We are fine with getting dressed, but the process of choosing clothes to wear has suddenly become a major issue. William will refuse any clothing which features any kind of character or design. That's not so bad. So how about the plain blue one? Nope don't want that one either. He wants the manky green one he wore yesterday, and is thoroughly devastated when I tell him he can't have it. He doesn't realise that the top is dirty, and needs to be washed. Something so simple can cause such upset and it's frustrating for him and me because I can't make him understand what I'm trying to say to him.
Its great that he can make a choice and obviously has opinions about things he comes across. It gives us a further glimpse into that fabulous little personality of his.
So it's up to us as his mum and dad to deal with the problems as we come across them. Find out his favourite clothes, maybe have 2 of each top maybe so there's always one available?
There's always a way round problems if you spend enough time and care trying to figure them out.

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