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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Mondays By Mums - Holidays

We've been away to Haven for a few days this week with my Mum and Dad, and with the usual last minute house cleaning and packing I forgot to post last week, sorry!

Making sure you're prepared for any holiday can be pretty stressful as it is. Enough clothes? The right kind of clothes? Sun cream? Activities for the kids in case it rains? Food? Nappies. How many? The usual stuff. 

I thought i was pretty well prepared, but it took a lot of forward planning and thinking ahead. It wasn't a case of having enough clothes, it was whether I had enough of the clothes he's willing to wear. He's particularly fussy about tshirts at the moment so I had a last minute shopping trip to ensure I had enough plain tops that he wouldn't refuse. 

Would I need to take his blankies that he refuses to sleep without?  Would he be happy with the duvet covers they provide? Would he even sleep in the caravan without distress? 

In the end he seemed to enjoy the caravan and wasn't particularly fazed by it, enjoying the many doors he could slam when having a strop, particularly the shower, even though he wouldn't bloody have a shower. He was happy with the duvet covers, and I didn't need the blankies. Which is a good job considering I took the decision not to take them. 

We walked the little legs off both boys, out first thing in the morning, trips out, swimming, park, bird watching and allsorts. When we came home I think he had the best nights sleep ever, which I can't complain about! 

William continues to have very little awareness of danger, as evidence of him trying to float off to the deep end of the pool, walking in the way of trams and running into the road, but now that we've managed one trip we are aware of what to look out for and prepare for next time. 

All in all a good trip for us, and a good learning curve - what not to do next time, what William can tolerate and cannot tolerate, and where he is safest. It was much easier having Grandparents around to help, as it allowed us to relax a bit more, and we all need a break sometimes

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