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Monday, 10 November 2014

Mondays by Mum - Schools

The right school, it can't be said strongly enough how important the right school is.
Not just for your child but also for you. Special needs children are forced into mainstream schools, following some very unwise decisions by the last government. I made the choice to move ben to and I quote a rougher school. They where so on the ball, immediately applying for funding to provide extra support, applying for a statement of special needs, the brought in pastoral support and educational psychologist. They were accommodating when ben had appointment. They provided factual information to assist in Bens diagnosis. They gave ben a safe place to go when things got too much and he was sent home alot less. When it was time for ben too sit his sats they accommodated him by providing a solitary room and support. They went further than that. They fought along side me to secure ben a place in a special needs school. It was hard work. Because Bens high functioning the special needs school where reluctant to give him a much coveted place. For me the point wasn't academic. Ben has his whole life to be educated but it was important for him to meet a diverse range of people, to learn tolerance even though it doesn't come naturally. His social and emotional education was more important. Next time higher education. Thankyou for reading.

- Debbie

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