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Friday, 7 November 2014


This post has been the child of a full days worth of research, it is unusual that I need to perform research on any of my posts as they tend to be written simply about my life, feeling and experiences. Whereas this post will be about medication.
When I went to my first Love Autism coffee morning there was one subject that was asked about the most and that it medication. I dont think I will be able to say everything that I would like in this one post so there will likely be others to follow.

The main, most comon queestion I was asked was “how does the medication affect me?” this is a fair question as no parent wants to change the way that their children think, or all of the nice, fun and amazing things that they can do as result of their childs place on the spectrum. Just so you all know, any medication used to treat autism will NOT change your child, it will simply give them the abilty to stop and make their own descisions. I have recently stopped taking my medication as I'm waiting to see a cardiologist and the medication rasises heart rate.

This has put me in a situation that has helped me understand just why I take my medication. I have found that when I am without my medication, my impusive behaviour has returned; I have lost my ability to think before I speak or act.  

This post isnt finished but I need to see to something so im having to cut short, im sorry,


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