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Friday, 14 November 2014

Autism is Common

I find it strange that autism is still treated as if it is strange or uncommon, but in fact in the UK autism affects 1.1% of the population. This means that there is more than one autistic person for every one hundred in the country.
To put that into perspective for you, there are more than 695,000 people in the UK with some form of autism.

Its hard to find information on anything these days but I have look at multiple online soures in order to ensure that im giving you the right information. I think people wih autism need to be less ashamed about their so called problems and tell the entire world, I have autism and its normal.

In the interest of privacy I wont say anyones names on here unless I have their permission but I just thought this is something worth sharing. Last sunday I was at wigan youth zone and there was a new girl there who I hadnt seen before. I could tell that she was on the spectrum after spending a small amount of time with her but I didnt want to say anything to her just in case. She was acting... inapropreatly drawing pctures of the male anatomy and her younger sister said “ill have to show my mum that, she has autism so she has to get into trouble”. One of the staff members there quickly pinted out that she shouldnt act like that with her sister but had little knowledge about autism. I stept in and explined I hve autism and I was offened with the way she was acting wih her sister. I explained to her about autism because she obviously didnt know much about it. The reason I wanted to say this was due to the fact that I know many parents read this blog and im hoping this may get them to talk to their NT children more about autism.

Thanks for reading and try to remember a little patience can go a long way,


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