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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Another Sleepless Night

Well here I am again not able to sleep, I have to admit that the inability to sleep is my main problem with being on the spectrum, there are many things that could bother me about being autistic, but lack of sleep is one of the work aspects.

So what is there to think about at two in the morning... the answer is so much its unreal, in the beginning you start to think about one thing, but then the train of thought goes to another, and another , and another.
Right now I cant help but think about my place in the world around me, what I was like in the past, what I am like now, what I will be like in the future. Will I ever get to do my degree, it is something that I have wanted to do since I was young but right now it seems further away than ever, I am emotionally and mentally unable to go through the stress that it would cause for me to get a degree. I know that the situation can change but I am still waiting to see the mental health team who are the people that are tasked with assisting with mental health issues as a whole. Maybe once I get to see them everything will work out.

Thanks for reading and as always, try to remember a little patience can go a long way,


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