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Mondays by Mums

Hello everyone, Mondays by Mums is back with a new author. Pam Appleby, who has written a post or two for the blog before, will now be writing one post every week to give you a little taste of autism from the side of a mum.
Pam lives in Atherton which is near Wigan, she lives with her partner and two amazing sons, Alex who is seven years old and willy who is four. Pam also has a love for animals small and large, she has a dog, two budgies, topical fish and a number of stick insects. Pam also has a love for coffee, Haribo sweets and sleeping. Unfortunately autism and sleeping don't often go hand in hand.

Willy has autism with severe learning difficulties, and enjoys trains, water and numbers. Alex on the other hand is into Minecraft, astronomy and birds.

Pams current occupation is working as a Biomedical Scientist for the NHS, which she has been doing for the past 14 years.

Pam actually has her own Blog, so if you like her posts feel free to pop over there and have a read.

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