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Thursday, 19 August 2021

Oh How Time Flies

It has to be said that it has been some time since I last posted here. So much has changed I'm not even sure where to begin. So I'm just going to write a little introduction of myself as I expect anyone who comes by this blog will be a first time reader. 

I run a local support organisation called Spectrum Social Inclusivity; I have ran this organisation in some form or another for over five years. We offer a safe place for adults on the spectrum, we also offer support to adults with mental health issues and finally we are planning to offer one to one support in the near future. We aim to have over 170 support sessions a year, but with no funding it is difficult for us to plan long term. 

A brief overview of the services and events that SSI currently offers.

Tuesdays - ChatterBrain, this is our mental health support group where you can come talk openly and honestly about your struggles.

Wednesdays - Perspective, This is our Autism social group where adults on the spectrum can come along and meet others who understand them. Drinking alcohol is permitted during this call but is not required.

Last Friday of the month we are hosting in-person events for anyone who attends our online groups, we will be doing a range of activities such as going out for meals, visiting local parks, bowling, ect. The exact activity is decided during the first meetings of the month by people who attend.

We also host impromptu in-person events from time to time, anyone is welcome to come along to them and they are aimed at helping people make friends and feel less socially isolated.

We expect by next month to also be offering a weekly in person drop-in event that will be aimed at reducing social isolation in the community. We are also bringing onboard a new volunteer who will be acting as a welfare officer and will stay in regular contact with our people outside of regular events.  

We currently accept donations from the public via PayPal through this link: PayPal Donations

A newer hobby of mine that I have found over the last couple years is content creation, more specifically Streaming games in Twitch. You can find me streaming RuneScape most days over at

I am planning on creating more content, in a variety of forms, including YouTube, blogs, more streaming content and probably much more. 

Now it's time to talk about my personal life, where have I been, what am I doing, how are things going and finally where I (hope) I'm going. I have struggled with my mental health for much of my teenage and adult life, Depression, Anxiety and instability are ever-present aspects of my life. 

I have struggled with self harm for much of that time, usually it is cutting with a blade, these have come from pencil sharpeners, razors, broken glass. But in other times I have burnt myself purposefully, hit myself, hit solid objects. Y'know how it is, you find in the moment you do what you need to do, with whatever is around. 

I spent much of my time trying to help others, running groups, offering support. The rest of my time I spend on myself, trying to improve my mental health and wellbeing. It can be hard for people like myself who struggle with their mental health to take a break. To take that time to reflect, to emotionally process the day. 

I find it is extremely beneficial to put aside a little time, be that weekly or for me personally, daily where you mentally consider how things have been. You spot triggers for your mental health, things that you want to work on, where you can spot a need you are not allowing yourself to fill. Only then you can work on improving yourself and your mental wellbeing. 

In 2019 I tried to take my own life due to be being in an abusive relationship, it took me quite some time to overcome the hardships that came from that. I spent just shy of a month in hospital after this. Getting the help I needed and working on myself. With that said I am currently in a new healthy relationship of five months with Sarah 'TheGirl' as she's known online, I'm not going to talk to much about it here as I am planning to blog about relationships in the future. 

I'm looking to make content and write blogs about a vast array of subjects; mental health, relationships, autism, disabilities, sex/sexual health, and hell why not even food! 

Thanks for reading,


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