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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wild Wednesday - I'm Not Ready

Ahh another wild Wednesday, it's not always easy. I can write about anything yet struggle to choose. In this case I'm think it's going to be another mixed post.

First, I need to go out and pick more blackberries, I don't have enough to make the amount of wine I want. I've started a new drink yesterday. Strictly speaking it's a cider, but will be a 4%, sweet, summer fruits drink. I think I'm going to make half sparkling and half still. The aim is to make a drink that will please the women in my life.
I'm hoping to buy a new bike lock in the coming weeks to make sure I have a way to get to college.
Me and Claire had a fall out today. The truth is when she stops at my house she messes my room up. I probably could have said it in a better way, but it makes me anxious when my room isn't the way it should be.
The date of my first day back at college is creeping up and the closer it gets the more anxious and stressful I seek to get. I know that this is all over nothing but I feel like im not ready, financially, emotionally or physically ready.

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