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Monday, 31 August 2015

Mondays By Mums - The Nature Of Williams Autism

The nature of Williams autism is that you would never know that he has difficulties unless you try and interact with him in some way. He often looks like he's being 'naughty' when he's struggling with the world around him, running around in supermarkets or throwing himself on the floor outdoors.
 or ignorant if he chooses not to process what you're trying to say.

We met a rather lovely chap on Saturday, he was a balloon modeller at a fundraising event. He had already chatted to Alex, but then made William a scooter hat with his balloons. Of course William did not want to know, he was busy scoffing an ice cream, so the man left the hat, said cya later and went off to entertain others. So I end up wearing the hat and looking like a goonball.

A while later william was ready to show interest in the hat, and to my amazement he put it on and was very proud of it. He hates anything novelty so this was something unexpected. Later we chatted again to the balloon guy and explained that William has autism, and it was unusual for him to show such an interest in something so silly. He then said that he always takes the child's lead and watches how they react. That way he knows whether they like something or not, as some are shy and don't want the fuss.  He really hit the nail on the head, and I wish that all people would take a leaf out of this book.

My child isn't ignorant, he chooses what he wants to be involved in. If he decides not to interact with you then sorry it's not your lucky day, but it's worth the wait when he does. It's also taught me a lesson. Just because he doesn't want to engage in something right there and then, doesn't mean he's not interested. He needs time, and to be able to finish one task before embarking on another. He's a proper little puzzle at times, but we're understanding more and more every day. 

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