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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mondays By Mums(On Tuesday) - Been A Hard Week

It's been a hard week. Really hard. I've not felt too well, I'm grumpy and I'm tired from all Williams night awakenings and early mornings.

Times when I feel like this make it much harder to deal with the usual stuff that goes on in our lives. The biggest annoyance for me right now is Williams repetition. Particularly his fondness for lines from Igglepiggle. 50/60 times, maybe more, I heard "Igglepiggle has lost his blanket" this morning. As much as I love William talking, 4am is not a good time to hear that over and over.
His behaviour has been bad again in general, lots of tantrums and sadness, throwing and smacking. We are trying our best to discourage bad behaviour but it rarely ends without one of us losing our temper. A bit more sleep would help him but I know its difficult for him.
This week though I'm concentrating on me. If I'm feeling crap then I'm less likely to be able to deal with crap. The school holidays are coming up so I want to enjoy time with the kids rather than avoiding it. So its early nights, eating better and having some relaxation time. That's got to be a start!

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