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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

It's Been Stressful

So today I went to the monthly coffee morning that is hosted by love autism. For those of you that don't know love autism is a local support group created and ran by parents of autistic children.
Often I go to help give advice but today I went for some. It wasn't anything major but I enjoyed hearing other people's views on the situation.
Since my last post which was on Friday it has been rough. My concerta wasn't delivered when it was supposed too. On top of that the heat has caused me to be more stressed than usual. All this together has meant that arguments have taken place. I got fed up and snapped. Honestly, that really got to me, the fact that I took my lack of comfort out on the people around me. I know that isn't fair in the slightest but at the time I didn't see that was actually what was happening.
I'm glad that I have the kind of people in my life that care enough to understand that life isn't always going to be easy with me. Claire is honestly a saint when it comes to being understanding of my difficulties. Don't get me wrong, I treat her like the amazing person she is. But there are times that I have meltdowns and those are the times that her patience for me shines through. It always scares me know that something I can't control could end up destroying my whole relationship. In the end I guess I just need to take each day as it is and work through the hard ones.

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  1. Everyone is entitled to have bad days, and the weather is enough to make anyone grotty. Those who are worth having around you will understand and help you through the bad times :) x

    1. Thanks Pam, I cant wait to read your next post!