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Monday, 15 June 2015

Mondays By Mums - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Starting in reverse.... 
Its been a tiring week, and William's behaviour has been terrible. Tantrums, screeching and repetition has been constant, and that really sucks.

Repetition of the same sounds and phrases really grinds on my brain sometimes. He's not been feeling 100% so I'll put the moods to that, but I dream of putting brandy in his juice in the evenings! Not that I ever would of course. Maybe when its legal :-p
On a similar note, William's behaviour towards his brother has been dreadful at times, pushing and smacking frequently. Considering Alex never really had the terrible twos I'm suspecting this is William's current stage although I have limited experience!
In a way this bizarrely leads to the good. William doesn't usually have a lot of time for his brother, he's not really ready for interaction with other kids but its coming slowly. I smiled to myself in the kitchen making my 50th coffee as I listened to them squabble, and for a few moments it was just like 'normal' sibling rivalry.
Then William started chucking boxes so I intervened.
We've had them holding hands going shopping and have been encouraging William to talk to Alex, with the use of a box of chocolate Alex won at his schools summer fair :)
It's lovely to see them interact even if just briefly. One day I know they'll be good friends. One thing I don't know is if my house will stay intact before that happens!

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