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Monday, 22 June 2015

Mondays By Mums - Getting Away With It?

In our house we have typical kids, they push your buttons, play up and squabble like any other.
Tonight William was sad. Really sad. I've not seen him so upset for a while, he was sobbing like his world had caved in. Why? I think it was because I told him Igglepiggle was finished and it was time for bed.
On many occasions where William tries it on like a typical toddler we don't really let him get away with it. Autism or not, there are rules, and at his age now we need to be introducing discipline a bit. On this occasion it was well past pushing buttons, it was like grief, and it really upset me to see him so devastated.
So i send Alex upstairs to get ready for bed, leaving Dad to put Igglepiggle on for a sobbing William. It had an almost instant calming effect and the sobbing subsided as he wearily snuggled into a corner of the couch.
I'm not sure why there was such a reaction tonight. Igglepiggle is on every night in our house as part of his routine and tonight was no exception.
I guess some days you just need to give a bit of leeway and choose your battles. Kicking him into bed tonight could have led to a traumatic night spending hours settling him.
One day he might be able to express himself a bit better so I'll know how to respond. But for now its still the guessing game!

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