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Monday, 25 May 2015

Mondays by Mums - Organisation

Organisation is pretty important when you've got kids. I'm not a very well organised person, my boss and colleagues, parents, friends, children and partner will concur. My brain has a 50% functional memory at the best of times (completely unrelated to sherry or Stella consumption).

Once you get past the toddler-ish stage of kids and they're comfortably toilet trained, things seem to fall more into place when out and about, apart from the odd superman-speed dash to the bogs during shopping when you've asked 50 times if they need a wee before you go.
Taking our family out is like a military exercise. You think I'd make life easy and be organised now that my kids are 4 and 6, but alas not.
Short journeys aren't too bad with the boys. Nappies, wipes, snack, drink, Alex's selection of cuddly toys that regularly join us to on trips.
Longer journeys are difficult and we are still learning what works and what doesn't.
William is not ready for toilet training and cannot be changed in 'official' public changing places. Here's why:
1) Toilets FREAK him the feck out.
2) He isn't a baby anymore. He's 3 stone and built like a brick shithouse. Baby change rooms are not suitable for his needs.
3) There is a lack of suitable changing facilities for older children and adults.
4) Even if there were suitable changing areas, he'd leg it screaming anyway so point 3 is irrelevant.
What does work is changing him outdoors on a deserted grassy knoll 5miles from where we intended to go in the first place. But no distress caused to him and that's important.
As the boys are fussy eaters we carry food on trips, usually resulting in squashed jam butties under all of Alex's wildlife stuffed in the bag. (He would bring the budgies if he could).
But there's always something we forget.
William sometimes has a problem with waiting in the car. He would be happy going through red lights and squashing the masses but that's not a good idea and could put a dampener on our trips. Going in an unexpected direction or pulling over when the satnav balls up. Like today. Both no-nos. How he reacts depends on his mood. Some days he ain't fussed really, some days its the end of the world. He is recognising more things now on the road like trees, buses, tractors so that keeps him amused.
At home, organisation is becoming critical the older he gets. As well as giving the kids a stricter routine, introducing symbols, a 'now and next' board and a choices board, we can show William what will happen so that the day isn't unpredictable. With the advice of the Behaviour Support Team we will are getting this rolling to help William understand. It would benefit us all really.
So that's my project for the week and I'll update you next week! All I would say really is that if you do see kids mooching around, running off, screeching, not listening in the supermarket then don't judge, its not your business. If there is a short woman running behind said mooching child with a caffeine drip attached, then its probably me.

Happy Bank Holiday folks.

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