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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Living with Autism

Hello everyone,
You know, living with autism is hard, it's hard for the person with it, it's hard for their families and anyone else around them. It causes arguments, disputes sometimes even fights.
Recently, well yesterday in fact I read a letter written by a dad and published by the Guardian and everyone who read or was saying that's it's horrible and disgusting. I agree the wording of the letter could have been better.
From what I can tell though, that it is an honest account of what life is like when you live with someone who is on the spectrum. Many of you may not agree on the morality of writing such a letter but I think it's important to know that other people struggle too. If all you ever heard was success stories then you would never know that the struggles you have are normal.
I spend a fair amount of time thinking I'd or normal for me to argue so much. After all even neurotypical people argue. The truth is, no matter what, arguments happen. It's the way that you deal with them afterwards. Some people, my family included, just pretend it never happened. Others hold grudges, and some just cry. I undersigned that the truth is a hard thing to read because parents like to think of the best moments and forget the worst. But don't you think it's just as important to document the struggles as well as the successes. I know I do.

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