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Sunday, 21 December 2014


Hello everyone, I have been on a Christmas break as I was demotivated, a reader, Pam messaged me a few days ago to see if I am okay and the like and we had a good chat. anyway Pam ended up writing a post for me so here it is I hope you like it.

Christmas is a time that most children look forwards to with excitement...Father Christmas, fun and games, presents,  decorating the Christmas tree. In our house its not quite so simple. Our 6 year old Alex will no doubt be waking on Christmas morning all bright eyed and full of boundless energy ready to open his presents. For our four 4 year old however, this will be like any other day. William has autism, and for now he just "doesn't get" Christmas. He has no concept of Father Christmas, hes not interested in the tree, Christmas cards etc, although he does enjoy the fairy lights. Shopping for presents for William is challenging, as he has very limited interests, no superheroes, dressing up or imaginative stuff. He loves things that spin, cars, trains and water. So this year his presents have been carefully chosen. He will have less than his brother, who loves little knickknacks and stocking fillers. William likes practical stuff and gets pretty obsessive about the things he plays with, so spending a bit more on quality items is the way we go these days.
This week I have brought out the cute Christmas themed tableware. Plates, snowmen glasses and bowls, which delight Alex. William however really dislikes these and refuses to eat/drink from them, preferring his plain blue cups and plates. He seems to hate novelty items in general.
William will need help unwrapping presents, as he doesnt understand that there is something exciting under the paper. He's a visual person and so the excitement for him only arrives when the toy is unwrapped and is right there in front of him.
Of course, he has changed since last year, and so we don't know yet what Christmas day will bring. But im determined that each boy will have a great Christmas and we will do whatever they find fun. If that means William having toast for Christmas dinner then so be it. Its their day, and we're just gonna be relaxed about it. If they're happy then we're happy :)
Pam x

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