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Sunday, 2 November 2014

My Appointment

So today I has my doctors appointment with the mental health team and I have to admit that it was not worth the stress I gave it.
I was annoyed at the woman who saw me there, she let her last appointment run over. I got there early, at 12:14 and my appointment was meant to be at 12:30 but I was actually seen as at 12:56. I found this very stressful and annoying, but the only thing that bothered me more than that was the fact that the woman who saw me rushed our appintment so she could go home. It was meant to last 30-60 minutes but lasted all of 8 minutes. Not a lot was said because of this and I was simply passed off to another department. Although this department was the one that I was wanting to be dealing with me but that doesn't mean that I am happy about the way I was treated.
I think it is rediculous that it takes this much just to get the treatment that I need. I know the mental health department isnt the best funded but that doesnt mean that I want to be kept waiting within a room that is full of sick people. I guess it can't be helped when things like this happen. I just wish I was better informed when I got there that there would be such a long delay. Anyway that's how my day went, anoying and anxious but apart from that it was pretty good.

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