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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Adaptation Series: Part Two, Socialising

One thing that I still am not able to get over is the whole socialising scene. It's so easy for most NT people in the world, I mean come on, we're humans we are made to to be around each other. 
In contrast for me and many other spectrum dwellers just the idea of being in a group of people isn't exciting, but instead it can strike fear directly onto my heart. I realise that this isn't the same for everyone who is autistic and I love it when I hear about spectrum dwellers enjoying being in a group. 
I have been asked a few do I have friends, how did I meet them and other questions of the like. I do have a small number of friends, I don't really get invited out but I think people just have got sick of hearing, well reading me say no thanks. I do go to Wigan Youth Zone and I have meet people there, but for the most part my friendships are online. I enjoy using social media so it naturally fits that I would have most of my interpersonal communication don't through those sort of methods. 
I do get lonely sometimes although that isn't often, and I can go out if I know the group is small or if I know everyone who will be there. My preferred method is a one on one basis, so it would simply be me and one other person. The issue that I have with that is if I need to get out, they'd be left on there own so I don't like it that way either. I'd love to know more people my age on the spectrum then id have more people in my life who actually know how it feels to be autistic. 

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