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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Clothes continued

Well today I am going to be posting about clothes... for a second time. I do try to get all relevant information into each post but I lack the concentration span that is needed in order to write posts that are much longer than 350 words. This means sometimes you will have to read a second or even a third continuation of a post. So clothes, yes material, colour, feel and fit are important but so are the little things, tags, seems, buttons and zips all affect me.
So the first item on the list is tags, tags are not the most comfortable aspect of clothing for anyone. I have been known to unpick the stitches that hold in the tags on my clothing where possible. The problem with this I'd not everyone knows how or has the tools required. Further more not all tags can be removed, if the stitching that holds the in place are also needed to hold the clothes together this isn't possible.
Seams can be bothersome when the material that the clothes are made out of isn't as soft or thicker. They become more noticeable and in turn, more uncomfortable.  Most seams on clothes are made in such a fashion that they are not meant to be overly visible or easy to feel when worn. This is helpful but with my tactile oversensitivity I am still bothered by the seams on my clothes. You would think that there would be more seamless clothes on the market these days but for the few that I can seem to find they are so overpriced that I am unable to afford them.
Buttons can be bothersome in their own little way, as buttons are too much of while actually wearing the clothes, putting them one in the first place can. Now I enjoy wearing shirts and recently I have started to wear more of them and for all the great aspects of shirts the one thing I hate the most function wise are buttons. Not only can they be easily ripped off if one isn’t careful, they can be difficult to button up. In the morning when my tablets are still having a drowsing effect on me I am unable to button up the shirt myself. I know my mum is more than willing to help me out but I don’t like the idea of having to ask her to help me get dressed at the age of 18. So I leave them mostly buttoned and slide them veer my head just like I would when wearing a t-shirt.
Zips are one of my favourite forms of clothing clothes, they are secure, easy to seal and unseal and most of all they usually have some material to stop them from pinching your skin. But one issue that I seem to have with zips on jeans is forgetting to undo them all the way and I end up splitting them when I go to take them off. This makes them useless as clothes.

Thanks for reading and as usually, keep in mind that a little patience can go a long way,


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