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Sunday, 5 October 2014


One of the issues that come with having autism is general impulsive behavior, in children it just means acting out and being inappropriate.
But with me 18, I have my own bank and the like, and I tell myself not to buy anything after eight o'clock, I just tell myself add it to the basket and get it in the morning. This actually works really well for me and has saved me countless returns of unwanted items.
I still find that I'm impulsive in most situations, I interrupt people when we, I should and have a short fuse. 

These are all annoying traits for me because now many people understand and it had sparked a large number of arguments for me.
When I write my blog posts I'm rather impulsive about it, I don't ever do any research. You're all most likely thinking why would I need to do research. Well the their fact of the matter is I don't know everything and I should really double check things. But I don't think I've written anything wrong so far so I can't complain. As you can tell I'm having another night that I can't sleep to save my life.

Thanks for reading, and remember, a little patience can go a long way,


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