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Monday, 6 October 2014

Doctors visit

I'm actually writing this post while sat in the waiting room of the doctors. Don't know why but I'm feeling really anxious even though I'm seeing the same doctor that I always see.

I've always found seeing doctors difficult, when I was younger it was caused from the stress of not knowing what was happening. These days I think its just a conditioned response because of the way I felt when I was younger.
Either way I feel uncomfortable sat here waiting will all the sick people. To me it doesn't seem like a good idea to put all the sick people together in the same room.
As I think about it I wonder if there is a way to make visits to the doctors less stressful and anxious for young children and I don't think there is. You can minimise it by telling the child what they are going for and explaining what is going to happen. But for this to be effective you need to have a good knowledge of what's going to happen.
Don't be afraid to ask what's going to happen, you can either ask the doctor on a separate visit or use the wealth of knowledge on forums and support groups to find out what you need to know.
I honestly believe having a grasp of what's  going to happen and why is the best way to help children be calm and in turn this can help the visit to be more productive in general.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the late post, a little patience can go a long way,



  1. Brilliant advice! My little girl will be 4 on Thursday, she is really anxious going to the doctors/ pediatrician and especially bad when going to the dentist, she also has glasses and needs regular eye tests, we've been referred to a specialist dentist in the hope that they'll have a little more patience, as she goes into meltdown as soon as we walk through the door it's heartbreaking.

  2. Thanks, I honestly think the anxiety comes from not knowing, but the bigger issue is once the child get used to feeling anxious in a particular situation that will almost always be the case. It's like my fear of spiders, I have no idea where it came from but not whenever I see a spider, I get really freaked.